Following a world-changing event, Harry is left alone on his family's farm in a remote location. Without his wife and son, he tries to make do with his own company and daily chores that give him sustenance. That is until Dylan runs from the forest and into his life.

The film has been selected for the 2016 Pasadena International Film Festival and is currently awaiting more film festival decisions.

Facendon Avenue


Facendon Avenue is a short by Writer/Director David Toms. The film was selected by The Green Bay Film Festival for their 2015 line up and was supported by The Kevin Spacey Foundation.

When best selling author Warren Harley finishes a book singing for his latest work, Facendon Avenue, he expects a quiet night. That plan is thwarted though, by the appearance of one of his books down-trodden characters, who is looking for answers following the death of his lover.

You can watch the film for free here:

The Objects

Objects Poster.jpg

Part of the Official Selection for the 2014 Pasadena International Film Festival and nominated for best short film at the festival, "The Objects" is a surrealist short film about a group of wealthy men that have become infatuated with the acquisition of rare and impossible objects. 

Filmed in Birmingham with a small crew and with returning co-producer Mike Peace, the film was shot in one day and utilised local talent for both artists and crew.

You can watch the film for free here:


Bike 2012 Poster 1 (Small).jpg

Part of the "Stephen King Dollar Baby Film" program. When Richard Sifkitz receives a stark warning from his Doctor regarding his health, his obsessive behavior that helped fuel his career as an artist starts to become his downfall. After purchasing an exercise bike he begins a new healthy outlook and hopefully a chance at longer life.

The situation is turned sour by the doctors insistence that his body is helped along by metabolic workmen. As Richard continues his healthy lifestyle, the men turn and the manifestations become increasingly real.

The Gift of a Stranger


This films surrounds the mysterious "Michelle" and her meeting with "Mark", just when he is about end his life.

The short was shot over four days in Pasadena, Los Angeles County, California, USA, and marked the crews first international project. It was self funded and organised, but also received a local grant from a Birmingham district youth fund. 

© 2016 David Toms.